What to Do before You Hire Local Movers

Since we know how hard it could be to plan your move and how much stuff you need to deal with, we have decided to give you some helpful packing advice. So, before you start calling local movers and hiring them to give you a hand with the relocation, you should make sure that your belongings are properly prepared.

  • You need to begin the packing process by deciding which things you will be taking with you to your new place and which you can leave behind. You will probably be surprised to see how much items you don’t actually need or use, and you can sell, donate or throw away.
  • Once you are done with the decluttering process, you need to start collecting packing supplies. Get some boxes from your friends, family members, office or even local stores and shopping malls. But in case you can’t get enough that way, you can find some packs of supplies available for purchase online.
  • Then, you should begin packing the things that you won’t be needing any time soon. For example, you should put away first your sweaters and boots if it’s summer.
  • When you are done with the whole putting-things-in-boxes process, you should start labeling them. Don’t forget to write “fragile” on all boxes with easily breakable stuff, so the movers know to be extra careful with them.
  • Another great tip for making the unpacking easier is to write a list on each box with its contents. That way you won’t have to go through all 10 boxes named “kitchen” just to find your favorite coffee mug, for example.
  • And when it comes to moving the furniture, you should make sure that all the parts of a certain item are staying together. You can put some small particles in plastic bags and tape them to the main part of the furniture piece, so they won’t get lost.
  • Also, to avoid scratching any smooth surfaces during the relocation, you should wrap all the furniture in special protective padding. The padding is especially made for that reason, and they will protect your belongings way better than liners would.

So, if you are currently residing in Denver, CO and you want to hire local movers, you should choose the professionals from Gentle Hands Moving for the job. You can give us a call today at (303) 261-5107.

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